Mesaje Inspirationale

Motivul fundamental al tuturor realizărilor sunt motivația și inspirația.

Can you see what is hidden within this image? Hardly anyone can see it!

They’re all over the internet: optical illusions. An optical illusion is a picture in which you can see two or more different things. At first, you don’t know what you’re looking at, other than the one picture you’re seeing. Then, when you finally see it, you can’t unsee it anymore. Can you spot this one?

I spy with my little eye!

Optical illusion
Optical illusions are such strange phenomena but they’re a lot of fun as well! You think you’re just seeing one thing and then you blink and you see something entirely different! An optical illusion causes a ‘wrong’ reaction in your brain – you’re basically fooling your own mind!

Do you see it?
The image below is an optical illusion as well. At first glance, you think you’re looking at a bunch of (quite nauseating) zigzagging white and black stripes. But if you look a little closer you will notice there’s an animal hidden within those stripes. Only a few people can see which animal this is. Are you trying the best you can, but are you still unable to spot the animal? Take a step back and try again!

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